The Motion Fair : GLAMOUR | Eight Brand

Eight Brand, Established by Pierce in 2012, has put on an Annual/Semi-Annual event with select developers around IMVU. This years theme is GLAMOUR. Take a look:

(images are clickable to shops)

Interested in designing for the next fair? Apply here
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Drama & Fakes | SB Topics


Hello Darlings!

I wanted to revisit some of the topics that I discussed on Discretely Chic. I’ve grown up a lot, and have been witness to a lot in the passed few years, so I believe the post is worth updating. I want to first touch on the topic of IMVU drama and then move into IMVU fakes. Let me first say that IMVU drama is never that serious. These people on this game aren’t paying your bills, doing your homework or going to work for you. They don’t have much pull over your real life or real responsibilities (if they do, that might be an issue) so it most cases, the drama is not worth stressing over. They’re basically 3 types of drama found on IMVU (and probably other sites like SL) :

1) Interpersonal/Relationship Drama 2) Institutional/Business Drama 3) Family Drama (which will be discussed in another topic post)

Interpersonal & Relationship Drama

This drama occurs between friends and significant others. Things that come with this drama often include: sneak dissing, subliminal pulses, tiny chat wars, radio shows, exposure, secret sharing, net bullying and other assorted ratchet behavior. This kind of stuff is going to occur whether we like it or not. Simply because most people aren’t ish. Most people who have a problem with you will generally never bring that issue to your doorstep in rl or on IMVU. Most people are the type to delete you and THEN pulse about you. And honestly, they’ll say anything they can about you. Even if it’s completely far fetched. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that somebody was calling me a man; even tho I’m cam verified with A LOT of people. But people love to hate. My advice on this kind of drama is FUCK THEM. Excuse my language but yea. I’ve deleted most of my list simply because I don’t want to be witness to the shenanigans.

Institutional & Business Drama 

This sort of drama usually occurs within developer groups, between individual developers, or between developer and customer. Things that come with this drama often include: everyone in the group wanting to be in charge, more sneak dissing, more subliminal pulses, reporting or flagging, copying & biting, not giving credit where credit is due, people being sensitive about they ish, and custom order issues. This kind of drama can get really heated really fast. Simply because people are serious about the work they put into their shops. I personally do not recommend developer groups, unless it consist of mature individuals. It’s just not worth the headache of having to deal with everyone’s ego. Also, there’s always going to be that person that think they are all knowing when it comes to developing and what’s best for YOUR shop. It happens. If you aren’t open to criticism, just let it go in one ear and out the other. Not a reason to start a war. As a developer who did customs, most of my orders went through successfully and without a hitch, But it is not an easy thing to deal with a customer who may be rude, picky and impatient. I’m all for getting what you paid for, but as  a customer, you also need to respect the fact that developers have taken time out to to make you something that is only a one time profit.


Fakes suck. People generally fake 3 basic things: 

1) Pictures (what they look like) 2) Life (what they do, where they live) 3) Situations (what they’re doing at a particular moment)

People fake pictures typically because they’re ugly, they have low self esteem, they want to live a fantasy or all three. IMVU makes it easy for people to be dishonest.

Bhilis: makes it easy to be anyone you want to be with no repercussions

Bhilis: Half of the time, you will never meet that person, they can grab anyone’s pictures from ANYWHERE and claim it to be themselves

Like exactly. But the thing people don’t think about is that people aren’t stupid. Sooner or later, things are not going to add up. And once somebody finds out that you’ve been lying to them for x amount of time…that relationship that you formed with them is most likely ruined and beyond repair, because they can’t trust you anymore. Oh and you also risk exposure, because some people are just ruthless. If you’re ugly oh well. I’ve rarely seen anyone on IMVU that was an absolute 10 from head to toe. If you aren’t comfortable with yourself and how you look then just don’t offer a picture. Nobody is making you. And if they are then stop talking to them. I don’t know why people lie about their life and situations. Like honestly you aren’t impressing anybody. You can say that you’re pushing a Bugatti in real life, but you still play IMVU like the rest of us and probably be asking for credits.

These have been my updated opinions on those topics. Thanks so much for reading. Comment your opinions.